2018 trial season

Hi to all our members and friends of the Gympie motor cycle club.

Mac Hocking has put together the dates for the 2018 trial season.

They are as follows.


FEB  11…sign-on and practice

MAR 11…practice

MAY 27..Interclub (Gympie Round-up)pre-85 Twinshock and Classic Lane trial.

JUNE 17…practice

AUG 12 …practice

OCT 14…practice Offer Rd

NOV 18…Xmas break-up.

Club members who have businesses.

The club is giving our website a makeover. We have a section for our club supporters. Here is where we put logos and contact details of members who have businesses. If you would like us to give your business some publicity, please forward us a copy of your logo or business details and we will endeavour to list you on the website. If you are sending your logo, please put this in as a pdf format . Thanks.

The New Committee

The AGM was held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 and the committee was elected.

There were a couple changes, so the good work that the previous committee provided will continue.

Now for those who do not know who the committee is, it’s time to introduce them.

President:                    Tony Woodgate

Vice President:            David Millard

Secretary:                    Mac Hosking

Vice Secretary:           Barry Godwin

Treasurer:                   Donna Jeremy

Vice Treasurer:         Jodie Woodgate


Membership to the club runs from 1st January until the 30th December every year. To join our club, download the attached form and email or post along with your payment or bank transfer

2019 Membership Form2019 Membership Form

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